London Town countdown

International Calling

International Calling: EP Scholars Biz, Danielle and MJ get a quick taste of London's charm in a traditional British phone booth at Disney World's Epcot during spring break. This is the closest I've come to London.

In just six days, I will be in London.  I know six days is less than a week, but these days might possibly be the longest ones of my life.  Before I can hop on my plane to jolly old England, I have five finals to crank out, one dorm room to disable and 101 belongings I somehow need to cram into one suitcase (thank you US Airways $50 second bag fee).

So now the great debate: Should I, or should I not, pack rain boots?

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1 Response to London Town countdown

  1. Amy says:

    Wellies are a must while we are in London they are worth cramming into your suitcase or even wearing on the plane! 🙂

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