Seventh grade trivia

Fit for a queen: Today I visited Buckingham Palace which was even more lively than usual. Reporters staked out the area, waiting for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to drive to the palace in order to resign. The best part about all the British political mayhem is that the queen was in the palace. So close.

Thank you, Mrs. Clark.

If you had not told me in seventh grade that Pierre L’Enfant planned the layout of Indianapolis, I would never have had my first pint of British beer for free.

We took a bus tour of London, cramming a week’s worth of sightseeing into 3 hours.  We saw practically everything: London Bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben, St. James Palace, Westminster Abby, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and many more.

Our Irish tour guide, Rob, promised a pint of beer to anyone who could answer his question: After the Great Fire of London, there were plans to completely redesign the city, but they were never used. However, these same plans were later used for which city?

Changing of the guard: I had the option of taking my picture with them, but I just felt too awkward. Maybe next time.

Changing of the guard: I know I should have stood next to them for the classic tourist picture, but I just felt too awkward. Maybe next time.

The answer is Washington, DC.

I knew from my seventh grade social studies class that Indianapolis was based on Washington DC’s layout which was created by L’Enfant. With such a European name, I figured L’Enfant must have studied in the area and been aware of London’s plans.

Strange how two things, like Indianapolis and London, can be so different but have a connection to each other.

Anyways, for my brilliance at trivia, I won a pint of beer at The Queen’s Larder, which I thought an appropriate end to my tour of royal sites.

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