Lost in London

Nota bene: I’m not sure yet if I’m allowed to blog about my internship.  Different companies have different rules and I just want to check before I write anything.  But I can talk about my trip to my company.

I am notoriously bad at directions. For my high school graduation present, my parents gave me a GPS. I am also probably one of the few people who has ever driven the entirety of 86th street.  It dead ends in a little farm-yard.

Sense and Sensibility: This is a photo illustration of what I should have done the minute I became lost in London.

And this is with Indianapolis’s grid system.

London does not have a systematic –or really any – plan. The roads intersect at odd angles and change names around every corner. The historian in me loves the fact that I am walking the same routes people hundreds of years ago traveled, but the stressed American student trying to find her company’s building on the first day hates it.

To be honest, I made it there in plenty of time (I gave myself an hour cushion). But on the way home, I became horribly and utterly lost.  I wandered up and down the streets and crossed over to the other side so people wouldn’t wonder why that girl was walking past the window for a sixth time.

I guess I could have asked for directions, but the detective who spoke to our group yesterday about safety said always to look confident and not wave a map about.  As a result, not only was I lost, I was confidently lost.

Eventually, I walked into a bookstore and surreptitiously pulled out my map.

I should have done this sooner.

My map showed I had been standing in front of my street for the last 10 minutes. In London, there are no street signs; the names of streets are carved into the buildings’ corners. The name of the street I needed changed depending on which side of the building I faced.

So I did the only thing I could.

I shoved the map into my pocket and, confidently, strode out the door.

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2 Responses to Lost in London

  1. Caroline says:

    Do you have a London A to Zed book? If that was not the map you were looking at, I highly recommend getting one and keeping it on you at all times. Do not feel foolish taking it out to look at it, Londoners do it all the time and it’s much more discreet than having to unfold a huge paper map. Tab the neighborhoods you regularly travel for easy reference. Enjoy!

  2. Isabelle says:

    “Confidently lost” i like this kamillie

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