Saturday morning market

Trot trot to market: Maggie browses one of the many jewelry stands in Portobello Market on Saturday morning. It was horribly crowded but loads of fun.

In the sea of the people, silver tea sets and glittery scarves, I spotted a little basket filled with books an inch tall and an inch wide.  Upon closer inspection, these little books contained passages from Shakespeare’s plays.

“Some of them are signed by the author, you know,” the bearded merchant winked at me as I thumb through the little pages.

And while I highly doubt that, Portobello Market is Alibaba’s Cave of Wonders.

In every direction I look, I can see thousands of people enjoying themselves as they wander through the hundreds of booths lining the streets.  Everything from the very mundane (measuring tapes) to trendy vintage (1920s necklaces) is sold here.

I spent a good quarter of an hour browsing through antique pocket watches and another quarter of an hour debating if I wanted the spinach and cheese Quiche or almond croissant.

There is something tremendously exciting — and surreal– about shopping in London on a Saturday morning. Even though the crowds pressed in around me, my knees hurt from zigzagging across the streets and I never found an authentic Shakespeare signature, I think I know where I will be every Saturday.

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