Punting: a Cambridge tradition

Why on earth did I not apply to Queen’s College, Trinity College, St. John’s, Corpus Christi or any of the 46 other colleges in Cambridge?

Cambridge is my literary London. I half expected Charles Dickens’s to turn the corner.  Or Draco Malfoy to step out onto the green. Who wouldn’t want to live in town filled with gothic churches and beautiful gardens and charming shops? Or where punting is an acceptable hobby?

Ahh punting. Perhaps my new favorite pastime.

No, I haven’t become an American football fanatic. In Cambridge, punts are flat bottom boats propelled by pushing off the river bottom with a 16 foot pole. Tourists can rent a punt and try to push themselves along the River Cam, but it’s much easier when a British bloke floats you down the river.  Without an experienced punter, the boat won’t really go anywhere.

And there’s the added plus of having an attract—I mean, knowledgeable, tour guide.

Kyle the Punter regaled us with stories of students dismantling the bridge Sir Isaac Newton designed, bitter bridge builders defacing their work and vengeful punting companies taking chainsaws to other competitors’ boats.

Just around the river bend: Kyle the Punter pushes us along the River Cam as we try to capture the beauty of the campus with our cameras.

Life on the river, it seems, is not always peaceful.  But I would push a punt the entire length of the Cam if it meant I could live in Cambridge.  It might take awhile (I don’t have the most athletic build), but it would be worth it.

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