Olympic dreaming with the BBC

Cheerleaders: The Olympic team released photos of the 2012 London Olympic mascots this past week. The notoriously critical British papers are having a field day with the bizarre and unattractive creatures. photo from The Guardian

In first grade, I won a little TV set that my parents always said I could take to college with me.

I didn’t bring it freshman year because my roommate came with a new flat screen.  But at the beginning of sophomore year, it seemed easier to live without a TV than track down my boxed set in the basement.

But when February came around and I had no way to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics, I buckled down excavated the basement. After an hour, I dug out the set and opened the box for the first time.  It’s so old that I found bunny ears within the packaging. But that didn’t matter, I now had a way to see my favorite TV spectacular.

I adore the Olympics.

So when we visited the BBC today, I was very excited to talk to the director responsible for the 2012 Olympic media coverage.

I’m jealous of the baby Ernie Pyle Scholars because they will be in London for the Olympics and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.

It’s such a big year in fact, that BBC has already started filming some athletes. In addition, the BBC made an ambitious promise to air each and every sport live either on TV, radio or web.

Tom, a photojournalist, asked if the BBC even had enough cameras.

“Of course, the BBC is huge. And they will be filming all the sports, torch relay, London Mayoral elections, Queen’s Jubilee…” she trickled off  then said, “Wow, now I’m nervous about the number of cameras!”

So Tom got a business card.

Just in case.

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1 Response to Olympic dreaming with the BBC

  1. Nina says:

    I read this, you know. I know the comments you make about me and my television.

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