Disappointing day

After dinner, we usually sit on our couches and tap away on our laptops or read through the British papers. Tonight started out normally, but then, the peace shattered.


Magic: Danielle and I try to make it to the Hogwart's Express on time. Sadly, this will be the closest I will come to the non-muggle world.

Then we all started screaming.

“WHY weren’t WE there?”

“Let’s go right NOW!”


This was possibly one of the worst days of my life.

First, I discovered I missed the Queen’s procession to Parliament this afternoon. I could have seen her in her Golden Carriage.  Then I found out I would not be in London for the Queen’s birthday parade. All disappointing.

Then the Harry Potter debacle.

For twenty minutes, we schemed how we could take time off of our internships, stake out King’s Cross Station, kidnap Daniel Radcliffe and hold him hostage until they let us be extras.

Don’t laugh. It could happen.

Click here to see the photos taken of the filming today.

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