Parisian photo shoot

After getting up at 4 am and traveling 10 hours on a bus and ferry, I was kind of groggy when we finally rumbled into Pairs.

This may explain why a strange thought crossed my mind as I looked out the window to the sand colored buildings of Paris:

Everything looks familiar.

As we continued to make our way deeper into the city, this strange feeling persisted.  It wasn’t till we reached the banks of the River Seine that I realized why it seemed I had been there before.

I immediately felt embarrassed.

Paris wasn’t familiar to me because of a famous French landscape painting or because of a favorite book on French History. It was familiar because it looked exactly like the drawings in the Aristocats and in the Madeline books. (I think I must be 5 years old.)

Paris is a cohesive city. Most of the buildings are made of sandy limestone which makes the entire city look like a planned neighborhood. Scene clip from Disney's Aristocats

Though the skies were gray and the weather chilly, Paris was prettier than a picture. But that didn’t stop me from trying to capture Paris with the camera.

Our tour began at Sacré-Cœur Basilica where we climbed up a hill to look down on the city. Around the Basilica, there were many shops and food markets, including this girl who played the accordion for us.

From the Basilica, we wandered down the street to Moulin Rouge where Caitlin and I sang songs from the movie of the same name.

From the Basilica, we wandered down the street to Moulin Rouge where Caitlin and I sang songs from the movie of the same name.

One of the highlights of the trip was celebrating Mass in Notre Dame with 200 other people.

The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles is probably the best example of the grandeur and excess of French royalty. Even after touring only 15 of the 700 rooms, I understand why the violence of the French Revolution.

I'm scared of heights but I managed to swallow my fear to climb (actually, take the elevator) up the Eiffel Tower.

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1 Response to Parisian photo shoot

  1. Géza Benkő says:

    Minden írásodat olvasom a Marikával együtt.
    Nagyon tetszenek az érdekes történeteid.
    Vigyázz magadra és élvezzétek az európai utazást.
    Sok szeretettel,
    Nagypapa és Marika.
    June 3, 2010.

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