Lovely Leeds

This white peacock and many others roam the grounds of Leeds Castle. photo by Kamilla

I know what sound a peacock makes.

Our bus arrived in Kent early Saturday morning and pulled into Leeds Castle’s gravel car park.  As I looked out the window, I saw small red building and a tour bus full of retired people.

No castle.

I was disappointed.

But my disappointment abated when the staff members took our tickets, directed  us toward a path and said we should reach the castle in 10 minutes.

It took 30.

Oh, not because we got lost or the trail was long. We got sidetracked by the peacocks.

At first, I thought the fanned tail feathers was a bunch of tall grass.  Then the “grass” started shaking.

Twenty-two students stared at the bird. The bird stared at the students.  The bird slowly started to shake his fan then….“AAAWWWKK!”

Our screams turned to giggles when we realized it sounded exactly like Kevin from the Pixar movie, Up.

We finally tore ourselves away from the peacocks and continued up the curving path through the beautiful gardens.  Just as I was wondering if we would ever reach the castle, there was a clearing in the rose bushes.

It was then that I learned my second thing of the day: I will get married in Leeds Castle. I don’t know how, but somehow I will manage it. (Or if not, I will at least rent a cottage on the grounds for a week. )

Leeds, with its many windows, magnificent gardens, large library and connections with Eleanor of Aquitaine (and, of course, the peacocks), is my favorite castle/palace I have visited yet.

So just fair warning, Mom and Dad, I think I will get married here:

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1 Response to Lovely Leeds

  1. Géza Benkő says:

    Now, just don’t hurry up getting married.
    To an Englishman ? — Watch it kid !!!
    Try it in Budapest sometime ???

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