The nicest kids in town

Trinity College around 10:30pm. Notice how light it still is! photo by Kamilla

We were locked in.

Our first evening in Ireland, we grabbed some Irish stew to eat and then decided to walk around the city and see where we end up.  We ended up at Trinity College.

Though some light was still in the sky, the campus was  virtually deserted.  We walked across cobblestone courtyards and gazed at the classic architecture.  And then we were ready to move on.

The only trouble was, all the gates had been locked.  I couldn’t figure out why a campus would shutdown around 9:00. It was then that we checked the time. Even though the sun had just set, it was  11:15pm.

Luckily, Anna spotted a group of teenagers and went over to ask them for help.  And, luckily, one of the girls in the group took pity on us and escorted us to the nearest gate and unlocked it with her student ID. And luckily, she knew the roads and gave us detailed instructions on how to return to our hostel.

And while luck had a lot to do with finding helpful Laura, instances like this were common throughout our trip. We kept running into the nicest people imaginable.

An Irish quay over the River Liffey in Dublin. photo by Kamilla

At the hostel, the curly-haired manager always helped with a smile and the chef was always on hand to put another burger on our plates.  While traveling, our tour bus driver chatted with us and assisted a fallen motorcyclist and our the taxi driver gave us a discounted price so we could make it to the airport on time.  In the local pub, the regulars all smiled at us when were came in to hear a family-band play music.

And while it might be lucky to run into one nice and hospitable person, running into so many genuinely helpful people makes me think the proportion of nice people in Ireland is extremely high.

Is this an absurd generalization? Maybe, but I would like to think it’s true.

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