Karaoke Capers

Our motto as our departure date nears is : You can sleep in the States.

That’s how I found myself at 12:00 on a Thursday night singing Shania Twain in a dingy karaoke bar a few minutes away from our flat.

Our group has always been a big fan of karaoke since we sang the entirety of “American Pie” our first Christmas party freshman year. In Disney World, we sweet talked our way into singing in one of the Disney restaurants even though we were underage.  And while we all like to sing, there are members of our group who can sing. At least twice a week, Tessa would pull out her guitar and she and Caitlin would harmonize to any song we suggested.

But this particular night will probably go down in karaoke history.

When a short blond woman took the mic, my immediate reaction was, “My, that’s a tight shirt.” My second thought was, “Wow. She has a really good voice.”

That’s when Caitlin tugged my arm and squealed, “That’s Jo from S Club 7!”

For those of you who do not know, S Club 7 was a UK pop group in the 90s that had a popular TV show and has a few number one hits, including “Never Had A Dream Came True” which Jo sung at the karaoke bar.

After she finished her song, we got a group picture – she’s the blond one.

And even though I was exhausted the next day in class, the karaoke episode proved that there is never a good time to sleep in London.

NB: I arrived home in states July 3. I have caught up on my sleep and am updating as quick as I can!

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