Brighton my Day!

When some Londoners told me that Brighton was a rock beach, I wasn’t too concerned.  After all, some of my favorite beach days have been exploring tidal pools on the rocky West coast.

The Vancouver coast line has lots of rocks that that eventually fades into sand as you enter the water. photo by Kamilla

Notice the big rocks and eventual sand.

Brighton had no sand, none at all.

There were a lot of squeals as we gingerly picked our way to the water. It was pretty painful, so we eventually sat on our backsides and scooted along the rocks to give our feet a break.

Lesa scoots her way to the surf to prevent the rocks jabbing her feet. photo by Kamilla

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad.  The ocean had more or less rounded the rocks so it wasn’t too excruciating to lay on them. Plus, the rocks were warm and didn’t get in your hair or clothes like sand.

After sunning on the rocks like a lazy lizard, I was ready to explore.  Brighton has a big pier with rickety roller coasters, a large gaming room and lots of fish and chips stands.

This whole time in Britain, I hadn’t tasted had fish and chips, even though it was on my list of Things to Do in London.  This particular cuisine made the list because of a passage from a book I read as a child:

“Do you remember the batter, all sizzled and gold?” asked Lily.

“And the soft whiteness when you got through to the fish?” said Violet.

“The way the chips went soggy when you doused them with vinegar?” said Rose.

And as thy stood there, they thought they would die if they didn’t just once more taste the glory that was fish and chips. –The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

Unfortunately, the pier’s fish and chips weren’t nearly as satisfactory as the ones Lily, Violet and Rose remembered. They were heavy, greasy and pretty tasteless.  To get rid of the bloated feeling left by the fried batter, Tessa, Maggie, Brian and I decided we needed to do something active.

And that’s how we came to kayak in the British channel, rounding out the end of a beautiful day at Brighton!

Tessa, Brian, me and Maggie pose with our kayak after conquering the waves of the British channel.

(I have to give credit to Amanda for the title of this post. I shamelessly stole it from her facebook album.)

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