Two errands and a million goodbyes

I sit with all the completed goody bags at the launch party of Cathy Hopkins' new series, Million Dollar Mates. photo by Tom Miller

 “Excuse me, do you know where the Molton Brown store is?” 

“Err…did you try Neal Street?” the sales lady suggested. 

“I’ll go check again,” I said as I ducked out of Urban Outfitters.  The trouble was, I had already scoured Neal’s Street and had not seen the store I desperately needed to find. 

You see, my very last day at S&S, there was a launch party planned for  Cathy Hopkins’ new tween series, Million Dollar Mates.  The launch party needed to reflect the title’s name and was going to be a posh and glitzy affair at the celebrity-studded Mayfair Hotel.  So I think it’s somewhat appropriate that my first Devil Wears Prada moment was for this glamorous gathering. 

For the party, each guest would receive a gift bag containing a copy of the new book, some custom candies and a small bottle of Molton Brown luxury shower wash.  Unfortunately, six of the bottles went missing the day before the party, and I was sent out to buy some more. 

That’s how I found myself in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden with a useless scrap of paper in my hand— useless, because I had written down the wrong street. 

Cathy Hopkins talks to people at her launch party in the Mayfair Hotel. photo by Tom Miller

Fortunately, I was able to call the S&S receptionist who googled the correct address for me and by going into a few more stores, I was finally able to track down the necessary item.  Then I faced obstacle number two. 

I needed to find candy coated chocolates that are like round M&Ms but come in aqua, pink, purple and yellow. I entered the supermarket and looked around for the candy whose name I did not know. 

I couldn’t find them. 

So I described to the manager a candy I had never seen before and  he told me they were out of stock. 

I went to the next supermarket and went through the process again. This time, an assistant managed to find seven bags, but I needed at least three more. That’s how I and three other workers came to dig through boxes in the storehouse and behind the cashiers. At last, we managed to find not 10 bags, but 12. 

I returned to Gray’s Inn Road victorious. 

That night, the party was a fun success and the decorative chocolate thingies in bowls looked beautiful, if I do say so myself.  But my favorite part of the evening was meeting JK Rowling’s agent. (It’s my two degrees of separation to the Harry Potter author!) 

Afterward, my coworkers treated me to cocktails in the hotel bar and when the night was over, I had to hold back tears as I said goodbye to everyone who has been so kind to me the last two months. 

I have only one night in London left. 

The wonderful children's marketing and publicity team at S&S UK: Catherine, Kat and Elisa. Thank you for such a wonderful two months, I will really miss you! photo by Tom Miller


All official photos of the event taken by Tom Miller Miller’s Voice
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