World Cup of Crisps

Biz and MJ showcase the crisps before the kickoff. photo by Caitlin Peterkin

While in London, Europe was engulfed in the excitement of the World Cup which meant many marketing ploys and gimmicks. Walkers, a crisp company (that would be chips for all you Americans) created a special crisp to represent each country such as Chicken Teriyaki crisps for Japan, Bratwurst Sausage for Germany and Kangaroo for Australia.

Biz and MJ bought them all and set up a bracket reflecting the world regions: North Europe, South Europe, Americas, and World Wanderers. Only Biz and MJ knew which crisp was which. They sat us around the table and had each of us sample a crisp and vote on the best one which would then proceed to the final round.

The field is by Caitlin Peterkin

We each had tall glass of water on hand in case the flavors were a bit…strong.

By the end of the World Cup, I had downed three glasses of water.  One of the worst crisps were the Spanish ones that tasted like burnt jalapeños. Another of my least favorites was the english roast beef and Yorkshire pudding crisp. I don’t even know how to describe that horrible taste. Unfortunately, these were not the worst.  Not by a long shot.

I’m sad to announce that the worst crisp represented the United States: American cheeseburger.  It tasted like sour ketchup.  We were horrified when Biz informed us that the cheeseburger crisps were a favorite at her work.

Not all of them were horrible, though.  The Netherlands sailed through with it’s lightly smoked-cheese flavor and the chicken teriyaki was surprisingly delicious –though it tasted more like salmon than teriyaki.

After 8 rounds of crisp tasting, the Crisp Champion was finally declared:

The Netherlands!

So dear Dutch, don’t be too upset at your second place in the Football World Cup. You hammered Spain in the World Cup of Crisps and that is something you can always be proud of!

List of all Flavors

American Cheeseburger
Argentina Flame Grilled Steak

An artistic shot of the crisps with a view from our window by Caitlin Peterkin

Australian BBQ Kangaroo
Brazilian Salsa
Dutch Edam Cheese
English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
French Garlic Baguette
German Bratwurst Sausage
Irish Stew
Italian Spaghetti and Bolognese
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken
Scottish Haggis
South African Sweet Chutney
Spanish Chicken Paella
Welsh Rarebit
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