Back home again in Indiana

If my family happens to be in Indianapolis during Independence Day, we always go to Conner Prairie to listen to the symphony and watch the fireworks. photo from

“I can’t believe that yesterday morning, I saw Big Ben, and now I’m here,” I said, motioning to the big stage decked out in American flags, the huge crowds picnicking in 90 weather and the mosquitoes.

“Wait, you were in London?” my boyfriend asked, “I had no idea.” My brother and sister laughed.

Since I arrived home, London seems to slip into every conversation I have.

At the beginning of conversations: “In London…”

In the middle “…like when I was in London….”

And at the end “…it’s not London.”

It’s kind of a culture shock just returning home. But I guess there is no better way to celebrate homecoming from London than July 4 festivities during my first full day in the States. My family and boyfriend went to the Symphony on the Prairie to hear the Indianapolis Orchestra  play American favorites and patriotic tunes.

But I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the city I had just left.  I already miss the ancient twisty roads, the simplicity of the tube, the fashions, museums, architecture, pubs, tea time, accents, food, friends, the constant stream of things to do….

Before I got too sad, I made a list of all the things that I wouldn’t miss, like having no air conditioning, my horrible washer-dryer that washed and dried my clothes in the same machine, the soot of the tube, the 3 percent charge using a foreign ATM and bad coffee.

And Indianapolis definitely trumps London in one way: my family and friends are here. After two months abroad, there is nothing better than watching fireworks with the ones you love.

(But I can’t wait to start traveling again! I might be going to Africa or South Korea next year with the IU journalism school. And by that time, I’ll be ready to adventure again. So until then, safe travels!)

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