The aftermath

We won’t be going to Japan this March. There is talk of rescheduling the trip at the beginning of May, but that is up in the air.

While I am sad we will not be going, any disappointment I feel pales in comparison to the tragedy in Japan. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and those who have family and friends there.

My uncle sent an email this morning describing what his colleagues at the Tokyo headquarters were experiencing:

“Most folks were stranded there and had to spend at least Friday night in the office—women in a secure area and men in the open spaces. Apparently, all hotels are booked solid for the near term and the subways and trains are shut down.”

Yet I cannot help but be impressed on how the Japanese people are handling the  horrible situation.  In an email, Professor Makito Yurita at Shimane University responded to my concerns with this response:

“We are absolutely fine here in Matsue as Hiroshima and Matsue are on the western edge of the Japanese main island. However, this earthquake brought damages beyond our expectations. The worst is that the earthquake continues shaking even after twenty-four hours from the initial strike. It seems we are witnessing the judgment day… Tokyo is all right even though 20 million people could not find their way to go home last night. Trains are now moving and there are very little damages.”

To read more about how the Japanese are responding to the disaster, see Tokyo, Briefly Terrified by Quake, Recovers Quickly

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