Spontaneous summer

Statue of Liberty

The statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. (photo by Kamilla Benko)

For a girl who likes to have a plan, this might just be the most bizarre—and wonderful— summer I have ever had.

In January, I had no idea I would splash in the waves of Waikiki during the first weeks of May.  Or drive to spend a wonderful weekend with friends in Chicago and Northern Indiana. Or hop on a plane to NYC with a one-way ticket in hand.

Of course, even 48-hours ago, I didn’t know I was going to New York.

But now it looks like I will be there for the rest of summer, working for a literary agency, perusing manuscripts and writing for Blissful Belle, a new online magazine for teen girls.

There’s something utterly surreal knowing that I will be getting up tomorrow morning to work in Manhattan. But you know what? I think I’m ready.

written June 15

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2 Responses to Spontaneous summer

  1. Géza Benkő says:

    Good Luck Kamilla !
    Csak vigyázz magadra (= just wach out for yourself)
    Have a good time, and let us know about it.
    Puszi from,
    Marika néni és Nagypapa.

  2. Aunt Elizabeth says:

    Can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

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