“Where’s our little lamb?”

(Project Runway, part II)

I woke up at 5:45 on a drizzly Friday morning. By 8 o’clcok, I had already taken an hour subway into the city, met up with my cousin Emily and walked 15 minutes to the Esplanade, a sidewalk that runs along the Hudson and offers a view of the statue of Liberty.  Workers scurried as they built a temporary runway amidst splattering droplets and a gaggle of girls discussing previous episodes of Project Runway.

Everything was set.

But there was no Thomas.

While Emily and I had managed to find the location in the park, Thomas was wandering around, lost. After many texts and a few complicated phone calls, Thomas finally managed to set out in the right direction.

When he found us, he silently held out his camera. There was Tim Gunn, with his arm causally around Thomas.

Apparently, Mr. Gunn had seen a lost-looking Thomas and pointed him in the right direction. Let me reiterate: TIM GUNN gave THOMAS directions to a PROJECT RUNWAY fashion show.

I don’t think I have ever been more jealous in my life.

The judges began to arrive: a fiercely beautiful Heidi Klum, a teeny-tiny Nina Gracia and a very orange Michael Kors. Following the three judges under a clear umbrella was guest judge, Kim Kardashian, who’s dress was so short, the camera crew had to take five minutes to figure out how she could sit in a lady-like position.

We stood in the front row of people, right across from the judges and had a perfect few of both the runway and backstage. I saw Heidi bopping to the music and singing a song to herself (a Seal song perhaps?). I gave her the thumbs up and she smiled at me. Crew followed her around, fixing her already perfectly coiffed hair while other members wiped the rain off the runway with pastel towels.

When there was finally a cloud break, the show started.  Thomas aptly described it as “A cocktail party for giantessess.”

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