“Make it work”

(Project Runway, Part III)

I meet Tim Gunn, of Project Runway Fame.

As the show ended, the crowed surged after the judges. I stayed behind. While the judges are cool and all, they weren’t the reasons I had gotten up at 5:45. I wanted to meet Tim Gunn.

Finally, Mr. Gunn stood in front of me.

“Hi, I’m Kamilla.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Kamilla.”

“All my friends ran after the judges, but I really wanted to meet you.”

“Well, you made the right choice!” he laughed.

“My mother loves your show.”

“Thank you! I’ve been up since 3 o’clock this morning, and I’m like ‘COFFEE’,” he said, waving his hands energetically.

We posed for a picture. But the meeting was drawing quickly to an end. Before he walked away, I had something I had to do.

“Mr. Gunn,” I blurted out, “Can I have a hug?”

“Of course!”

And then Tim Gunn pulled me into an embrace. The crowd around us went, “Awww.”

The assistant who snapped our picture broke the mood, “I think your battery is out, I’m not sure if I got the picture.”

“That’s alright.” I turned to Mr. Gunn, “I will take the hug away with me.”

He laughed again and moved on.

But that wasn’t the end.

When my friends finally returned from chasing Heidi, Nina and Michael, they got in line to meet Tim as well. I stood with them and asked to get another picture with Emily’s camera.

“Of course you can! Kamilla, right?”

Tim Gunn remembered my name.

He then saw who was behind me.

“Hello, Thomas.”

Tim Gunn remembered Thomas.

“Thanks for making sure he got here all right. We were worried,” I told Mr. Gunn.

He smiled and then we left Tim Gunn and his gorgeous suit. We were beaming and –at least in my case— slightly giddy.

We had made this day work.

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2 Responses to “Make it work”

  1. Thomas Weiss says:

    You’re so good Kamilla. This was perfection!

  2. fab fab fab fab fab.

    -Claire (from Foundry. Finally de-lurking…)

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