Kamilla Benko is a graduate of  Indiana University’s School of Journalism summa cum laude. She has written for a few Indianapolis-based papers, including the Indianapolis Star and The Criterion and was the features assistant for Inside Magazine at Indiana University. She currently lives in New York.

I originally began Traveling Pages to record my summer experiences in London as a student, Simon and Schuster intern and tourist.

I am reviving my blog as I now have the chance to travel to Japan as a member of an international reporting class.  From March 11 to March 20, I will be in Tokyo and Hiroshima reporting a story on peace education trends.

Check back to follow my current adventures in Japan!

*Due to the triple disaster in Japan, IU school of Journalism is diverting us to Hawaii to continue to work on our stories. We will be there from May 10 until May 21, reporting on Japanese related stories, touring Pearl Harbor and splashing in the surf.


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